Buy Property by Foreigners in Iran


Buy Property by Foreigners in Iran

Many of the foreign nationals tend to buy property in Iran for several reasons. Iranian law is generally complex and, of course, strict in this regard.


An overview of the regulations related to buy property in Iran

According to Article 160 of the Civil Code, foreign nationals can enjoy all the rights of Iranian nationals, excluding some exceptional cases. Therefore, the general principle in Iranian law is that any foreigner can enjoy all civil rights, except in cases where the law provides for a specific exception.

Article 160 of the Civil Code states that foreign nationals can enjoy all civil rights in Iran excluding the following cases:

  1. In case of rights that the Iranian law has explicitly restricted to Iranian citizens or in cases where foreign nationals are explicitly deprived of them;
  2. In case of rights of the personal status which the laws of the State of the foreign national has not accepted them;
  3. In case of special rights that have been established solely from the point of view of Iranian society.


The ownership of real estate for foreigners

One of the cases in which various laws have restrictions on foreign nationals is the issue of acquisition and transfer of ownership of real estate for these persons. According to regulations related to the acquisition of real estate by foreign nationals ratified in 16/3/1310 (7th June 1931), no alien is allowed to enjoy ownership of agricultural land in any amount.

Moreover, according to the Article 2 of Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA) approved in 1380 (2001), the ownership of any type of land in any amount on the pretense of foreign investment is not allowed within the framework of law. Also, Note 2 of Article 24 of the Law on the Administration of Free Trade-Industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran (LAFTIZ) states that leasing land to foreign nationals is legal but selling it is sBuy Property by Foreigners in Iran

Real estate cases which Iranian nationals are not allowed to buy or own

In addition to foreign nationals, Iranian nationals are also prohibited from owning and buying real estate in the following cases:

  1. Iranian women who acquire foreign citizenship by marriage do not have the right to own real estate if it leads to foreign economic domination;
  2. Iranian citizens who have renounced their citizenship according to Article 2 of the Civil Code of Iran;
  3. Any Iranian citizen who has obtained foreign citizenship after 1280 solar year (1901 Anno Domini) without observing the legal regulations.

Article 8 of the Civil Code of Iran states that “real estate acquired through provisions by foreign nationals in Iran will be subject to Iranian law in all respects”.



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